Hyresgästkassan AB


Lauch of Hyresgästkassan

Tenants! Hyresgästkassan is currently preparing a launch where the organization will offer members support and advice.

As a member of Hyresgästkassan you should feel that you always can receive advice and support from us. You should be able to participate in the organization so that the tenants together can create benefits for everyone.

Currently, Hyresgästkassan provides information to tenants about the business and what benefits it entails to become a member. Employees of Hyresgästkassan are out in various locations around the country and recruit new members for future launch. If you meet one of our employees, you are welcome to ask us anything. In total, we also speak over 10 languages.

Do you want to join our organization?

Notify us your e-mail address below and we will contact you when our service is active.


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